Publications of Bruce Hughes


A metric for the product of countably many sets
Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics 7 (1975), 93--99
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Irreducible continua and some characterizations of arcs
Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics 8 (1976), 1--10
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Some properties of Whitney continua in the hyperspace C(X)
Topology Proceedings 1 (1976), 209--219
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Solution to advanced problem 6025
The American Mathematical Monthly 84 (1977), 141--142
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Some remarks on freely decomposable mappings
Topology Proceedings 2 (1977), 213--217
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On freely decomposable mappings of continua
Co-author: G. R. Gordh, Jr.
Glasnik Matematicki 14 (1979), 137--146
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Local homotopy properties in spaces of approximate fibrations
Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Kentucky, 1981
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Approximate fibrations and bundle maps on Hilbert cube manifolds
Topology and its Applications 15 (1983), 159--172
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Bounded homotopy equivalences of Hilbert cube manifolds
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 287 (1985), 621--643
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Approximate fibrations on topological manifolds
Michigan Mathematical Journal 32 (1985), 167--183
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Spaces of approximate fibrations on Hilbert cube manifolds
Compositio Mathematica 56 (1985), 131--151
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Delooping controlled pseudo-isotopies of Hilbert cube manifolds
Topology and its Applications 26 (1987), 175--191
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Controlled homotopy topological structures
Pacific Journal of Mathematics 133 (1988), 69--97
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Topology with control and approximate fibrations
Proceedings of the Guilford College Sesquicentennial Topology Conference, 1988, Guilford College, Greensboro, N. C., 1988, 1--6
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Bundle theories for topological manifolds
Co-authors: L. R. Taylor and E. B. Williams
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 319 (1990), 1--65
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Manifold approximate fibrations are approximately bundles
Co-authors: L. R. Taylor and E. B. Williams
Forum Mathematicum 3 (1991), 309--325
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Bounded homeomorphisms over Hadamard manifolds
Co-authors: L. R. Taylor and E. B. Williams
Mathematica Scandinavica 73 (1993), 161--176
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Rigidity of fibrations over nonpositively curved manifolds
Co-authors: L. R. Taylor and E. B. Williams
Topology 34 (1995), 565--574
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Ends of Complexes
Co-author: Andrew Ranicki
Cambridge Tracts inMathematics 123, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1996, xxvi+353 pages
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Geometric topology of stratified spaces
Electronic Research Announcements of the American Mathematical Society 2 (1996), 73--81
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Controlled topological equivalence of maps in the theory of stratified spaces and approximate fibrations
Surgery and Geometric Topology (Sakado, 1996). Science Bulletin of Josai University. Special issue no. 2 (1997) 31--50
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Stratified path spaces and fibrations
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 129A (1999), 351--384
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Stratifications of mapping cylinders.
Topology and its Applications 94 (1999), 127--145
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Stratifications of teardrops
Fundamenta Mathematicae 161 (1999), 305--324
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Control and relaxation over the circle
Co-author: Stratos Prassidis
Memoirs of theAmerican Mathematical Society 145, number 691, American Mathematical Society, Providence, 2000, ix + 96 pages
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Neighborhoods in stratified spaces with two strata
Co-authors: L. Taylor, S. Weinberger, and B. Williams
Topology 39 (2000), 873--919
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Controlled homeomorphisms over nonpositively curved manifolds
Co-authors: L. Taylor and B. Williams
Canadian Mathematical Bulletin 43 (2000), 343--354
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Surgery and stratified spaces
Co-author: Shmuel Weinberger
In Surveys on Surgery Theory, Volume 2 (eds. S. Cappell, A. Ranicki, and J. Rosenberg), Princeton Univ. Press, Princeton, 2001, pages 319--352
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Products and adjunctions of manifold stratified spaces
Topology and its Applications 124 (2002), pages 47--67
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The approximate tubular neighborhood theorem
The Annals of Mathematics 156 (2002), pages 867--889
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Neighborhoods of strata in manifold stratified spaces
Glasgow Mathematical Journal 46 (2004), pages 1--28
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Trees and ultrametric spaces: a categorical equivalence
Advances in Mathematics 189 (2004), pages 148--191
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Examples of exotic stratifications
Co-authors: Laurence Taylor, Shmuel Weinberger, and Bruce Williams
Geometry & Topology, 11 (2007) 1477--1505
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Local similarities and the Haagerup property
With an appendix by Daniel S. Farley
Groups Geometry Dynamics, 3 (2009) 299--315
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Dihedral manifold approximate fibrations over the circle
Co-author: Qayum Khan
Geometrae Dedicata (to appear)

Bounded distortion homeomorphisms of ultrametric spaces
Co-authors: Alvaro Martinez-Perez and Manuel A. Moron
Annales Academiae Scientiarium Fennicae Mathematica (to appear)

Trees, ultrametrics, and noncommutative geometry
Pure and Applied Mathematical Quarterly (to appear)