Conference Registration
To register, please fill out the form below. First note that:
  • All participants in the meeting must be registered. This can be done at the registration desk at the meeting, but we strongly encourage you to register online in advance. This will help considerably in avoiding congestion at the registration desk, and will help with planning for coffee breaks, the reception and dinner, and the printing of programs and badges. To register online, simply fill out the form below.

  • Registration fees are $200 for students, and $275 for all others provided you register on line. Note that online registration will close on March 20, 2013. Registration fees at the meeting will be $225 and $300.

  • Once you complete the online registration form, you will be sent a registration confirmation by email.

  • If you register on line, you can either wait until you get to the meeting to pay the registration fee, or do it in advance by sending us a check or credit card information. To save time when you arrive, we urge you to pay before coming to San Antonio. To do so, go to your confirmation email and follow the link to download your payment coupon. Further instructions are on the coupon.

  • If you intend to present a talk or poster, you must register online. To be included on the program, we need to receive your payment by March 20, 2013.

  • There is a separate form to submit an abstract of your talk or poster (the deadline is March 10, 2013).

  • If you register on line, we will have a registration packet ready for your at the registration desk. It will include the program, your badge, any dinner tickets you ordered, and a receipt.

  • Once you register, your name should appear in the list of participants. Please register just once. If you have to cancel, send us an email so we keep our records straight and refund any fees.

  • If your name includes special characters, please replace them with ordinary letters when filling out the first two boxes below with your first and last names. You may use Tex in the box for your badge
First Name:
Last Name:
Postal Address:
(without your name)

Make sure you type the email correctly. Otherwise, the confirmation
email of your registration will not reach you.

For example, Do not include the prefix "http://"
Leave blank if you do not have a web page.

Registration fee: $200 (Students)
$275 (All Others)

Conference Dinner
(Tuesday, April 9, 2013):

  • Students: x $30 per person
  • All Others: x $40 per person
Receipts: Conference dinner tickets will be included in the registration packet when you pick it up at the registration desk. The packet will also contain one or two receipts of your choosing (please indicate which option you want):
One receipt (marked "Registration") including everything you paid for.
Separate receipts for Registration and Conference Dinner.

Badge: Type in the information for your conference badge. If your name contains foreign characters, such as á,ó, etc., type those characters in the TeX format (i.e., \'{a}, \'{o}, etc.). Our database programs cannot handle foreign characters and we will remove such entries from the database. Thus, instead of entering "Barnabás Bobó", you should type: "Barnab\'{a}s Bob\'{o}". For example,

Barnab\'{a}s Bob\'{o}
Vanderbilt University, Nashville

Please, do not make lines too long and do not use more than two lines. We will not edit the information you enter, hence make sure you don't misspell your name.

Note: The information that you submit is automatically added to our database. After submitting your registration you will get a confirmation page (it may take a little while, so please be patient) with an option to print it out (as a PDF file). An email confirming your registration will also be sent to you. If you get a server error, please try submitting the form again. If the problem persists, please email us at Important: The domain and its IP address from which this form is filled out is logged. Thus, all spammers will be traced and reported to authorities for appropriate disciplinary action.

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