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If you plan to make a presentation at the meeting, use this form to submit the title and abstract. This applies for invited, contributed, or minisymposium talks, and also for a poster presentation. This can be done any time up to March 10, 2013. Remember that unless you are a plenary speaker, your talk should be prepared for 15 minutes. Click here for more details.

The first box in the form should be filled in with the last name of the speaker. This might not to be the first author of the paper. For the second box you should choose a password in case you want to come back later and modify your title or abstract. Take note of these entries, since if you need to modify your abstract later, you will need both the user name and password. Do not use any special letters or Tex symbols in these two boxes.

You may use Tex symbols in the title, author, and abstract boxes, but do not use any other special letters or symbols. The box for the abstract should contain only the body of your abstract. Abstracts should be limited to 1/2 page. We will Latex your file. Do not include begin or end document, or any commands involving page size, font selections, etc. Avoid introducing macros.

When the form below is complete, click the "Submit" button.

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Abstract Approximation
Approximation with Constraints
Classical Approximation
Complex Approximation
Compressed Sensing
Curves and Surfaces
Extremal Problems
Image and Signal Processing
Interpolation and Smoothing
Isogeometric analysis
Multiresolution Analysis
Nonlinear Approximation
Numerical PDEs
Orthogonal Polynomials
Radial Basis Functions
Scattered Data Modeling
Shift Invariant Spaces
Univariate and Multivariate Splines
Subdivision and Refinable Functions
Wavelets and Frames
Applications of Approximation Theory
Other (please try not to use this option unless absolutely necessary)
(Only the body
of the abstract!)

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I would like to give a talk
I prefer giving a talk but don't mind presenting a poster
I would like to present a poster

Note: You should now check the current list of abstracts to make sure it your abstract appears (they are in alphabetical order according to the speaker name).

Please submit an abstract ONLY if you plan to attend the conference. If you submitted an abstract earlier, but are not able to attend, please let us know at approx14@gmail.com as soon as possible.

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