Homework for Dr. Schechter's Logic class

#duetopic problems
21Fri Dec 5Meyer's derivationsOn page 447, and in the same style as the other proofs of that page, prove the formulas "Q implies [R implies (Q and R)]" and "Q implies (Q or R)".
20Wed Nov 19 Fri Nov 21Dugundji formulasProblems 11.17 a and b.
19Fri Nov 14one more nontautologyProblem 9.10.b.
T3Wed Nov 12syntactics Test 5 will involve proofs, similar to those of chapters 13-17 and 19-20. Admittedly, we didn't do much with chapters 15-20, but they are simply additional problems in the same style as chapter 13-17. (I'm skipping chapter 18, which has a slightly different style.) You may use your book and your notes during the quiz. Be sure to bring them to class. For each problem, you will be told which sections of the book can be used for justifications in the proof.
18Mon Nov 3contractionFill in the justifications for the proof that adding 15.2.b makes 15.2.a provable. (Also on Monday: there will be more time to work on Quiz 3.)
Q3Fri Oct 31syntactics Quiz 3 will consist of problems similar to those of homework sets 14 and 15, below. You may use your book and your notes during the quiz. Be sure to bring them to class.
17Fri Oct 31more negation14.13.
16Wed Oct 29more basic logic 14.6.b,   14.10,   and 14.12.a.
15Mon Oct 27positive logic 14.4.b and 14.5.b.
14Fri Oct 24derivations 13.6.a, and 13.8.a and b.
T2Wed Oct 22Test 2 will cover material corresponding to homework sets 9 through 13, listed below. The test may cover any or all of the following semantics: two-valued (8.2), Zadeh* (8.16), Sugihara* and comparative (8.28), powerset (9.2), topological (10.1). *For the Zadeh and Sugihara interpretations, you are not required to memorize the formula for implication, but you'll need to know how to use it -- I'll give you that formula in a reference section on the test. And you'll need to know all other parts of those two interpretations, and you'll need to know all parts of the other interpretations I've just mentioned.
13Wed Oct 15still more numerical semantics 8.12.b and 10.4.a,b,c.
12Mon Oct 13 postponed until Wed Oct 15more numerical semanticsProblems 8.35.c and 8.45. Hint: Read 8.44 carefully.
11Fri Oct 10hexagon interpretationProblem 9.6
10Wed Oct 8semanticsProblems 8.9.a,  8.21.b,  and (for comparative only) 8.30.a
Q2Mon Oct 6Quiz 2will cover problems similar to those in homework set 8, below.
9Fri Oct 3formula schemes and isotonicityProblems 6.32 and 6.37a. The quiz is postponed until Monday.
8Wed Oct 1formulasProblems 6.12b,c;  6.18a,b;  6.19a,b.
T1Wed Sept 24Test 1The test will be similar in style to the homework problems. It will cover all the topics for which we've worked problems, in homework sets 1-6. It will not cover topic 7 (induction).
7Mon Sept 22inductionDo problem 5.63.a, using the format of section 5.59. The test that was scheduled for Monday has been postponed until Wednesday.
6Fri Sept 19quantifiers5.47
5Wed Sept 17converses5.26
4Mon Sept 8 Wed Sept 10topologiesproblems 4.4f and 4.8e and 4.9a,b from the revised chapter 4
Q1Mon Sept 8quiz 1on material similar to homework sets 1 through 3, listed below
3Wed Sept 3subsets3.38.b,   3.39a,b,   3.54a,b,c,d
2Mon Sept 1subsets3.17
1Fri Aug 29sets3.8