Getting started with LaTeX

This is a compliation of resources for using LaTeX to produce mathematical documents. It was initially compiled for use by students in the University of Chicago's summer REU program. It is also repository for guides and resources I find useful in everyday LaTeXing.

Where to get LaTeX

If you run Windows, the easiest way to get Latex on your computer is probably using proTeXt. This gives you a short clickable pdf document with links to install everything you need.

If you have a Mac, MacTeX should be more or less the same thing.

If you run Linux, the current tex packages for most distros seem to be TeXLive.

Template and References

This is a sample latex template. It is based on Peter May's REU latex template but with more examples. tex file dvi file pdf file

Interested in making commutative diagrams in latex? Here's a sample document that walks you through making commutative diagrams using xymatrix, tikz, and tikzcd. The tex file and pdf file are designed to be read together. I created this document as a reference for my graduate differential topology class.

Here are some useful reference for using Tex and Latex: