Symplectic and Differential Geometry Seminar
Vanderbilt University

   Spring 2011

   Organizers:  Basak Gurel and Ioana Suvaina

   Wednesdays, 3:10-4:00pm in SC 1310 (unless otherwise noted)

   Related seminars also announced.

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Speaker: Michael Chance, Vanderbilt University

Title: Positive Paths in Sp(2n)

Abstract: Positive paths arise frequently when studying Hamiltonian flows near local maxima.  We will discuss some results about
the positive fundamental group, as well as some of the structure of Sp(2n) itself.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Speaker: Michael Chance, Vanderbilt University

Title: Positive Paths in Sp(2n), II

Abstract: see above

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Speaker: Mehdi Lejmi, Vanderbilt University

Title: Desingularization of constant scalar curvature compact Kahler orbifolds

                  Abstract Given a constant scalar curvature compact Kahler orbifold with isolated singularities, the idea due to Arezzo and Pacard is
                    to construct another Kahler orbifold by choosing  finitely many points and replacing a small neighborhood of each point by a piece of
                    an ALE space with zero scalar curvature. Then, one can prove the existence of a constant scalar curvature Kahler form on the obtained
                    orbifold if we suppose that the initial orbifold is nondegenerate.

Thursday, March 17, 2011, COLLOQUIUM

Speaker: Claude LeBrun, Stony Brook University

Title: On Four-Dimensional Einstein Manifolds

                  Abstract: An Einstein metric is by definition a Riemannian metric of constant Ricci curvature. One would like to completely
                determine which smooth compact n-manifolds admit such metrics. In this talk, I will describe recent progress regarding the
                4-dimensional case. These results specifically concern 4-manifolds that also happen to carry either a complex structure or a
                symplectic structure.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011, 4:10- 5:00 pm in SC 1320

Speaker: Viktor Ginzburg,  UC Santa Cruz

Title: Hamiltonian Hyperkahler Floer Theory


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Speaker: Inanc Baykur, Brandeis University

Title: Smooth four-manifolds, surgeries along tori, and exotica

                  Abstract  In this talk, we will demonstrate the novel role of surgeries along embedded tori in four-manifolds both in (1) producing
                    new infinite families of pairwise non-diffeomorphic four-manifolds within the same homeomorphism class, and in (2) relating        
                    homeomorphic but not diffeomorphic four-manifolds. Meanwhile, we are going to unfold the strong affiliation of round handles with
                    smooth four-manifolds.

Wednesday,  April 6th, 2011

Speaker: Basak Gurel, Vanderbilt University

Title: Conley conjecture for negative monotone symplectic manifolds 


Wednesday,  April 13th, 2011

Speaker: Weimin Chen, UMass Amherst

Title: Complexity versus Symmetry for a Smooth Four-manifold

                  Abstract Given a compact closed smooth manifold M, one natural question asks that if M possesses a large symmetry group, is it true
                    that the topology of M is necessarily complicated? And moreover, if this is not true, then what can be said about M? In the talk we will
                    discuss these questions and related issues when M is a smooth four-manifold.

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