Words from your Professor

IMAGE: It's me.

My student!

You have waited for these words so long!

Too long.

In a few minutes you will hear these words.

In a few minutes you will hear what you have never heard before.

Prepare to listen. Spend these minutes wisely.

Relax in a comfortable chair.

Open the Good Book (Linear Algebra, Calculus or Number Theory) on page 111.

Solve a couple of problems there.

Try to remember the fundamental theorem of

  • Calculus
  • Arithmetic
  • Linear Algebra

    Feels good, isn't it? If not, close your eyes and repeat "I love Mathematics" (10 times) and "I will prepare for the test better next time" (40 times).

    Now listen to the words of your Professor.

    You need a plugin which can play mp3 files.

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