Plenary 45-min lectures will be given by:


G. Baumslag (CUNY), Residually torsion-free-nilpotent groups

A. Dranishnikov (University of Florida), Embedding of groups into the product of binary trees

M. Ershov (Institute for Advanced Study), Golod-Shafarevich groups with property (T) and Kac-Moody groups

R. Grigorchuk (Texas A&M), Hanoi Tower Groups and Schreier Graphs

V. Guba (Vologda State University), Metric and growth properties of R.Thompson's group F

S. Ivanov (University of Illinois), On balanced presentations of the trivial group

M. Kapovich (UC Davis), Generalized triangle inequalities and their applications

A. Lubotzky (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Linear representations of the automorphism group of a free group

I. Mineyev (University of Illinois), Relative hyperbolicity and bounded cohomology

N. Monod (University of Geneva), Splitting and CAT(0) superrigidity for lattices in products

A. Miasnikov (McGill University), On elementary theories of free groups

V. Nekrashevych (Texas A&M), A minimal Cantor set in the space of 3-generated groups

A. Olshanskii (Vanderbilt), Van Kampen diagrams, machines, and asymptotic behavior of groups

P. Papasoglu (University of Athens), Cut points and splittings of CAT(0) groups

V. Remeslennikov (Omsk University), Pro-p groups with non-isomorphic discrete and continuous cohomology groups

N. Romanovskiy (Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk), Free product decompositions in images of certain free products of groups

M. Sapir (Vanderbilt), Groups acting on tree-graded spaces

P. Schupp (University of Illinois), Random quotients of the modular group are rigid

K. Vogtmann (Cornell University), The ephemeral Morita classes

S. Weinberger (University of Chicago), Spaces of Translations

D. Wise (McGill University), Special Cube Complexes

E. Zelmanov (UC San Diego), Some open problems in Ring Theory