Financial Aid


Financial support will be available to (partially) fund graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and other participants without grant support. We encourage those of you who are asking for support to share accommodations. If you plan to apply for funding, please fill out the registration form (see section ``Registration'') at your earliest convenience and provide the information requested. Please submit your request for financial support by March 20, 2006. Late applications will be considered as long as financial support is available.

Reimbursement policy. Please be advised that according to U.S. immigration laws, individuals who enter the U.S. and wish to be reimbursed for travel related expenses should enter only on a B-1, WB or J-1 visa (WT and B-2 visa do not permit reimbursement of any expenses). Individuals who enter via automobile from Canada or Mexico should enter on a J-visa. Entering on a Visa Waiver is discouraged due to concerns as to how the new law will be interpreted. Please call your local US consulate or embassy and inquire what the rules are pertaining to your country. Canadian visitors are not required to have an I-94 when entering the country.

NSF funds can be used for reimbursement of air fare only if a U.S. flag carrier has been used (you can buy a US flag and ask the pilot to wave it during the flight).

Upon arriving, please see the staff person at the registration desk for the necessary forms to be filled out and returned prior to your departure. We will need all original receipts for any expenses for which reimbursement is claimed and copies of your visa if applicable.