Geometry Seminar

                                                                                                                      Vanderbilt University
                                                                                                                             Spring  2017

   Organizers:  Anna Marie Bohmann, Ioana Suvaina, Rares Rasdeaconu

   Fridays, 3:10-4:00pm in SC 1310 (unless otherwise noted)

                Friday, February 3rd

                Speaker: Rudy Rodsphon, Vanderbilt University

                Title:  Dirac operators and index theory

In order to set the ground for next week's talk, We shall give a gentle introduction to Dirac operators,
                Clifford algebras and index theory. The talk should be accessible to everyone.  (Contact Person: Ioana Suvaina)


                Friday, February 10th

                Speaker: Rudy Rodsphon, Vanderbilt University

                Title:  Quantizations and index theory

A way to describe succinctly (local) index theory on closed spin manifolds is the following slogan of Quillen:
                Dirac operators are a "quantization" of connections, and index theory is a "quantization" of the Chern character. For non
                necessarily spin manifolds, pseudodifferential operators and their symbolic calculus play a crucial role in the original proofs
                of the index theorem. However, symbols may also be viewed as a deformation quantization of functions on the cotangent bundle,
                which has led to other fruitful approaches to index theory through another "quantization" process. Even if both viewpoints originate
                from physics (more precisely from quantum mechanics), the methods used involve a priori quite different technologies. The upshot
                of the talk will be to see that these different theories might have more to tell to each other, and that far reaching index problems may
                be solved very directly from such an interaction.   (Contact Person: Ioana Suvaina)

                Friday, February 17th

                Speaker: Hang Wang, University of Adelaide, Australia

                Title:  Index Theory and Character Formula

                Abstract: This talk will focus on the link between geometry and representation theory of Lie groups in the context of operator algebras.
                Weyl character formula describes characters of irreducible representations of compact Lie groups. This formula can be obtained using
                geometric method, for example, from the Atiyah-Bott fixed-point theorem. Harish-Chandra character formula, the noncompact analogue
                of the Weyl character formula, can also be studied from the point of view of index theory. We apply orbital integrals on K-theory of
                Harish-Chandra Schwartz algebra of a semisimple Lie group G, and then use geometric method to deduce Harish-Chandra character
                formulas for discrete series representations of G. This joint work with Peter Hochs (arXiv:1701.08479).  (Contact Person: Gennadi Kasparov)

                Friday, March 3rd

                Speaker: Angelica Osorno, Reed College

                Title:  Algebraic models of homotopy types

                Abstract: One of the goals of algebraic topology is to classify topological spaces up to homotopy. This task becomes more manageable
                when we restrict to spaces that only have finitely many  non-vanishing homotopy groups. In this talk I will give a historical account of the
                different algebraic models that have been developed to classify finite homotopy types, with a special emphasis on recent joint work with
                N. Gurski, N. Johnson and Marc Stephan on modeling stable 2-types. (Contact Person: Anna Marie Bohmann)


                March 10-11, 2017 Shanks Workshop on Real Algebraic Geometry  
Location: Stevenson Center 1432 (Contact Person: Rares Rasdeaconu)


                Friday, March 17th

                Speaker: Radu Ionas, C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stony Brook University

                Title:  TBA

                Abstract: TBA (Contact Person: Ioana Suvaina)


                March 25-26, 2017 Shanks Workshop on Homotopy Theory
Location: TBA (Contact Person: Anna Marie Bohmann)

Friday, April 14th

Speaker: Mehdi Lejmi,  CUNY Bronx Community College

Title:  TBA

Abstract: TBA (Contact Person: Ioana Suvaina)


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