(Sub)Factors in Maui 2018 May 21-25, 2018


Program Description
(Sub)Factors in Maui will be held May 21-25 in Maui, HI. Topics will include finite factors, subfactors, and related mathematics.

Information for participants
The organizers will arrange for most participants to stay at Maui Sunset in Kihei. There are nearby alternatives for anyone who would prefer to stay elsewhere. The relevant airport is Kahului Airport (OGG). Morning talks will be held in Kupa'a 101 at UH Maui College. Evening talks will be held at Maui Sunset.

Confirmed participants
Scott Atkinson (Vanderbilt University)
Kristin Courtney (University of Virginia)
Daniel Drimbe (UC San Diego)
Josh Edge (Indiana University)
Ruy Exel (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)
Mike Hartglass (Santa Clara University)
Ben Hayes (University of Virginia)
Corey Jones (Australian National University)
Vaughan Jones (Vanderbilt University)
Robert McRae (Vanderbilt University)
Emily Peters (Loyola University Chicago)
Jesse Peterson (Vanderbilt University)
Lauren Ruth (UC Riverside)
Rolando de Santiago (UCLA)
Pieter Spaas (UC San Diego)
James Tener (UC Santa Barbara)

9-10:10: James Tener
10:25-11:35: Robert McRae
11:50-1:00: Daniel Drimbe
7-8:10: Corey Jones

9-10:10: Rolando de Santiago
10:25-11:35: Josh Edge
11:50-1:00: Pieter Spaas
7-8:10: Emily Peters

9-10:10: Ruy Exel
10:25-11:35: Lauren Ruth
11:50-1:00: Ben Hayes
7-8:10: Mike Hartglass

1:00-2:10: Scott Atkinson
2:25-3:35: Jesse Peterson

9-10:10: Kristin Courtney
10:25-11:35: Vaughan Jones

The workshop is being organized by Scott Atkinson (Vanderbilt University), Jesse Peterson (Vanderbilt University), and Rufus Willett (University of Hawaii). For logistical information, contact Scott Atkinson at scott.a.atkinson@vanderbilt.edu or Jesse Peterson at jesse.d.peterson@vanderbilt.edu .

Conference Photos
Maui Conference Photo Maui Conference Photo

We are grateful to Vanderbilt University's Office of the Chancellor for funding this workshop.