Types of Conference Presentations
There will be four types of presentations at the conference: invited plenary talks, minisymposium talks, contributed talks, and poster presentations. As a rule, no conference participant will be allowed more than one minisymposium/contributed talk. The deadline for submission of abstracts for all four types of presentations is February 10, 2010 (however, see a note below concerning the organization of minisymposia). We will only accept online submissions of abstracts using our abstract submission form.

Acceptance Process
There will not be a formal refereeing process of conference papers. As a result, we expect that most contributions will be accepted. If we do not let you know of the rejection of your contribution by February 15th, 2010, you may assume that it was accepted.

Duration of Talks
The duration of invited talks will be 50 minutes (plus 10 minutes for questions). The duration of minisymposium and contributed talks will depend on the number of participants. The anticipated duration is 20-25 minutes. However, in any case, the length of minisymposium talks and contributed talks will be the same. This will allow us to schedule such talks into parallel sessions.

Invited Talks
There will be eight invited plenary talks. These talks will survey main trends in Approximation Theory and in related areas.

Minisymposium Talks
The minisymposia will primarily address topics in emerging areas and will be mainly solicited by the organizers. However, volunteers, especially amongst the more senior members of our community, are also encouraged to submit proposals. Since the emphasis will be on new frontiers, the level should be expository but, at the same time, should have enough substance to engage the student as well as the experienced researcher. Ideally, a minisymposium should consist of six or twelve speakers.

To submit a minisymposium proposal, the minisymposium organizer should send an email to the organizers (approximation.theory@gmail.com) with the following information:

  • Name of the organizer(s) along with his/her affiliation and email address
  • List of minisymposium speakers (with affiliations and emails),
  • The topic of the minisymposium and a brief description of the intended presentations (titles and abstracts of individual talks in the minisymposium need not be submitted at this time).
Note that the minisymposium organizer may, but need not be, one of the speakers. Moreover, the organizer is expected to serve as the session chair of his/her own minisymposium.

The deadline for submission of minisymposium proposals is January 10, 2010. If your proposal is accepted, which is to be done by January 20, 2007, speakers in your minisymposium will have until January 10 to submit abstracts of their talks.

Contributed Talks
Not all of the conference papers will be assembled into minisymposia. Therefore, there will still be some traditional Contributed Sessions.

Assuming that there will be a critical mass of poster presentations, there will be a Poster Session at the conference. Thus, when submitting an abstract of your contribution via the conference website, please indicate whether you would be willing to present a poster instead of giving a talk. If we do not have a critical mass of posters, we will automatically convert poster contributions to contributed talks. (Thus, you may want to wait with preparing your poster until February 10, 2010, at which time we will make a final decision about whether to hold a poster session or not.)

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