1. IUTAM on Navier Stokes Equations, Paderborn, Germany; College Station Texas, Variational Inequalities; IAC, Rome, Italy; University of Southern California Los Angeles; Univ. of Delaware-Newark; Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  2. AMS Free boundary problems, Knoxville TN; Arlington, Tx, NSF Nonlinear analysis, Arligton TX; MRC, Madison WI.
  3. Free Boundary Problems, Montecatini, Italy; Navier Stokes Equations, De Kalb Illinois; Nonlinear Analysis, Berlin, Germany; Texas PDE Conference, Austin, TX.; Univ. of Kentucky-Lexington; Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Houston; Univ. of Pavia; Univ. of Pisa; Northwestern Univ.; Purdue Univ.
  4. Midwest PDE Conference, Evanston, Ill.; AMS PDE's, Madison, Wi.; Institut fur Angewandte Mathematik, Heidelberg.
  5. Univ. of Chicago; Washington Univ. St. Louis; Univ. of Massachussetts-Amherst; Brown Univ.
  6. Free Boundary Problems, Maubuisson, France; Oberwolfach, Germany Evolution equations; Univ. of Texas at Austin; McMaster Univ. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; Univ. of Florence, Italy; Univ. of Bari; Univ. of Rome; Univ. of Bologna; Univ. of Padova; Univ. of Pavia; Polytechnic of Milano; Analisi Globale, Florence; Lexington, Kentucky.
  7. Symposium on Liquid Crystals, Minneapolis, MN.; Symposium on Evolution Equations, Rome, Italy; Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Camberra, Australia; Australian National Univ.; Univ. of Adelaide; South Australia; Free boundary problems Oberwolfach, Germany; Semigroups and Applications International Centre Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy; Purdue Univ.
  8. Diffusion Processes, Math. Sciences Research Inst., Berkeley, CA; Univ. of Rome, Italy; Univ. of Florence, Italy; Univ. of Trieste, Italy; Mittag Leffler Institute, Stockholm Sweden; Lulea Univ. Lulea Sweden; Univ. of Linkoping, Linkoping Sweden; Univ. of Chicago; Centre for Math. Analysis, Camberra, Australia; Dept. of Math. Nat. Austr. Univ. Camberra; Dept. of Math., Loyola Univ., Chicago; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Lexington, Kentucky; Univ. of Pittsburgh.
  9. Free Boundary Problems, Irsee, Germany; Univ. of Pittsburgh; IAC M. Picone, Rome, Italy.
  10. Nonlinear Phenomena, Nancy, France; Nonlinear Evolution Equations, Budapest; Phase Transition, Stuttgard, for 60th birthday of J. Hale; Univ. of Rome; Lexington, Kentucky; Acad. Lincei, Rome, Italy; People's Republic of China--Beijing Univ.; Xi'an Univ.; Hangzhov Univ.; Chingua Univ.
  11. Nonlinear Diffusion Processes, Gregynog, Wales; Non Linear Partial Diff. Equations, Torino Italy; Pennsylvania State Univ.; Univ. of Virginia, Charlottsville.
  12. Lipschitz Lectures Univ. Bonn Germany
  13. MSRI, Berkeley CA Year of concentration in PDE; Symposium on Degenerate Diffusion, IMA Minneapolis; Symposium on Free Boundary Problems, Montecatini Italy; Scuola Norm. Sup. Pisa; Midwest PDE Conference, Madison, WI; Purdue Univ.
  14. Univ. of Illinois DeKalb; Roma La Sapienza; Int. Conf. on Evolution Equations, Rome; Oberwolfach on porous medium equations; Universidad Complutense Madrid Spain, summer course; Florence Italy.
  15. Univ. of Arkansas; Univ. of Wisc. Milwaukee; Midwest PDE Conf. Univ. of Ill. Chicago; AMS Session on Fluid Mechanics DeKalb Ill.
  16. AMS Special session in PDE's Cincinnati; Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison; Advances in Mechanics, Univ. of Rome, for the 60th birthday of M. Gurtin; Univ. of Chicago; Lectures at Univ. of Cantabria Spain; Oberwolfach; Univ. of Oklahoma; Notre Dame.
  17. Univ. of Tennesse, Knoxville; Northern Ill. Univ., DeKalb; Univ. of Rome; Conf on Evol. Equ. Trento, Italy; Ill Posed Problems, Univ. of Washington, Seattle.
  18. Univ. of Colorado Boulder; Rome Italy; Euler Institute St. Petersburg, Russia; Midwest PDE, Purdue; Madrid, Spain
  19. Colloquium Univ. IL. Chicago; Equadiff 9, Brno, Czech Rep.; Modeling in Mechanics, Rome, Italy, for the 70th birthday of G. Barenblatt; Non Linear PDE's Kiev Ukraine; Midwest PDE, Lexington, Ky.
  20. Nonlinear PDE's, Minneapolis for the 65th birthday of A. Friedman; Nonlinear Analysis, Univ. of Iowa, for the 70th birthday of O. Ladyzhenskaja; Purdue Univ.
  21. Free Boundary Problems, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
  22. Vanderbilt; AMS meeting at Notre Dame;
  23. Vision Research Center, Vanderbilt; Nonlinear Analysis, Minneapolis, for the 75th birthday of J. Serrin.
  24. Marden Lecture, Univ. of WI, Milwaukee; Colloquium Univ of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Math. Modeling in Biology, Duke; Unsolved Problems in Noise anf Fluctuations in Physics and Biology; Pacific Institute for Math., Nonlinear Analysis, Pullman, WA for the 65th birthday of J. Cannon; Free Boundary Problems, Trento, Italy; Southeastern-Atl. Meeting, Knoxville TN; Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, Vanderbilt.
  25. Colloquium Math Dept. University of Pittsburgh; Colloquium Math Dept. University of Florida, Tampa; Trends in PDE, for the 70th birthday of V.A. Solonnikov; Obidos, Portugal; Fourth Geoffrey J. Butler Memorial Conference, Alberta Canada.
  26. Montecatini, Italy, June; Orlando FL July; Vanderbilt, June; Houston, Dec.
  27. Vanderbilt Chem. Engin; Vanderbilt Biomed. Engin; Colloquium, Univ. of Michigan Lansing; Colloquium Univ. of Iowa, Ames; Lecture series Cortona Summer School; Carnegie Mellon, Sept; Eugene Oregon AMS meeting Nov; Corvallis Oregon, colloquium Nov; 56th Midwest PDE, Notre Dame, Dec.
  28. Albuquerque New Mexico; Rome Italy; Florence Italy; Irvine CA; Lexington Kentucky; Boston Mass; McKinow Island MI;
  29. Meeting in PDE's Vanderbilt; Symposium in Biomath, Vanderbilt; Cortona Italy (PDE's for the 60th birthday of P. Marcellini); Multiscale Modeling, Corvallis OR; Chinese Nat. Academy in Applied Math, Beijing China; Beijing Univ. Dept of Biological Sciences, Beijing China; Inst. of Medical Sciences, Guanzhou, China; East Normal Univ., Dept. of Math., Shanghai, China; East Normal Univ., Mathematical Biology, Shanghai, China; Fudan Univ. Summer School in Applied Math. Shanghai, China; ITLA on Partial Deiff. Equ. Florence, Italy; Bioquant, Heidelberg, Germany; ICIAM in Biomath, Zurich, Switzerland; ICIAM in Free boundary problems, Zurich, Switzerland; Vanderbilt Math Dept; AMS meeiting in Murfesboro, TN; Ohio State (75-th of Avner Friedman); Carnegie Mellon Univ., Colloquium;AIAM meeting in PDE's, Phoeniz AZ
  30. Colloquium Georgia Tech; Integrating Physical Sciences in Oncology, NCI meeting Washington DC; WCNA, Florida, July 2-7, keynote.
  31. Biophysical Soc. Boston; Oberwolfach Germany; Pavia, Italy; C.I.M.E course; Reggio Calabria.
  32. Colloquium, Univ. of Alabama Birmingham; Colloquium Univ. of Nebraska Lincoln.
  33. Math. Dept Univ. Ohio, Columbus; Meeting in Kingville Texas A&M;
  34. Math. Dept Univ. Pittsburgh, March 2013;
  35. Total Variation Flow, Salzburg Austria, July 2016; PDE and Applied Math. (for the 75th birthday of D. Kinderlehrer), Pittsurgh PA, July 2016; Analysis and PDE's: A tribute to the legacy of E. DeGiorgi, Pisa Italy, Sept 2016.
  36. Trends in Calculus of Variations, Montecatini, Italy June 2017; Harnack Inequalities and non-Linear Operators, Cortona, Italy June 2017; Beijing China, Chinese Academy of Sc. July 2017; City Univ. of Hong Kong, Free Boundary problems, July 2017; Shanghai, Free Boundary Problems, July 2017; Florida Inst. of Techn. colloquium Math. Oct 2017; Florida Inst. of Tech. lecture in Biomath, Oct 2017.