Vanderbilt University, Department of Mathematics
Nashville, Tennessee, USA


May 15 to May 18, 2008

The purpose of the workshop is to explore several aspects connected with the potential relations between Noncommutative Geometry and the geometry over the field with one element F1. The series of advances made in Arakelov's geometry in the last several years revealed interesting new relations to $p$-adic analysis, motives, dynamical systems and noncommutative geometry. On the other hand, recent results in noncommutative geometry have shown that the thermodynamics of noncommutative spaces allows to define a notion of points for such spaces which bears striking analogies with the ``points over the algebraic closure of the field F1.'' This workshop will focus on the recent developments in both fields and their relations with zeta functions.

This workshop is financed with funds provided by the NSF-FRG grant 0652164 ``Noncommutative Geometry and Number Theory'' of the four organizers. A small number of experts who have been working on these topics will deliver expository talks and/or present results which are connected with the main themes of the workshop. The participants, that will also include postdocs and graduate students working in connected areas, will be encouraged to exchange ideas and hold informal topical discussions.

People participating in the annual spring institute on Noncommutative Geometry and Operator Algebras from May 5 to May 14, 2008, are welcome to participate in this workshop as well. In particular, we encourage the graduate students and young postdocs to attend.


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Invited Speakers

*to be confirmed

The following list is inclusive of postdoctoral assistants and graduate students who will be invited to participate to the workshop and eventually also to contribute with talks:
A. Banerjee (JHU), E. Ha (JHU), A. Kaygun (Ohio State U.), S. Mahanta (U. of Toronto), B. Mesland (MPI), J. Plazas-Vargas (IHES), A. Rej (MPI).


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Organzing Committee

Further information may be obtained from the organizers: Alain Connes (Vanderbilt, College de France, IHES), Matilde Marcolli (FSU, MPIM-Bonn), Caterina Consani (Johns Hopkins), Henri Moscovici (Ohio State)

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