Topology, Algebra, and
Categories in Logic 2013
in conjunction with the 28th annual Shanks Lectures

Summer School
Stevenson Center 1307, 1320
Stevenson Center Lobby

TACL brings together different disciplines with the goal of exploring problems in logic. Partly due to the success of the TACL conference series, researchers have started employing tools used outside their immediate areas, either individually or in collaboration with specialists in research fields featured in the series. Such interactions have also naturally lead to new directions that combine ideas from two or more research fields.

This has been a gradual and arduous process and TACL can boast of having participants that are at least somewhat familiar with most of the featured areas. However, young researchers and students who attend the conference and work in TACL fields have a more restricted and specialized repertoire of tools and knowledge. The goal of the summer school is to fill the gap and expose such researchers to a variety of methods that can be used to study logic. It will primarily target graduate students and postdocs, but also more senior researchers who are not familiar with aspects of neighboring areas. The summer school will run during the four days immediately preceding the conference and will feature four daily tutorials, each of duration 1-1.5 hours.

Summer School Invited Speakers and Courses

Grigori Mints, Stanford University (on Proof Theory)
          Click here for the course materials.

Lawrence Moss, Indiana University (on Recursion and Circularity)
          Click here for the course materials.

Francesco Paoli, University of Cagliari (on Algebraic Logic)
          Click here for the course materials.

Peter Selinger, Dalhousie University (on Categorical Logic)
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Financial Support

Limited funds for supporting summer school participants are available (mainly through NSF). Those who plan to request financial support should:
(i) submit a copy of their CV and a letter of support from their PhD advisor or
post-doc supervisor (if applicable) to
with 'Summer School support request' in the subject line by April 21, 2013;
(ii) fill out the financial support form on the "Support Requests" page by
April 21, 2013; and
(iii) complete their registration by June 1, 2013.