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A list of speakers with titles of their talks and links to abstracts will be posted here when they are available.
Speaker Affiliation Minicourse Topic
Paul Baum Penn State University

What is K-theory and what is it good for?

Expanders, exact crossed-products, and K-theory for group C* algebras

Nigel Higson Penn State University Positive Energy Representations and K-Theory
Jonathan Rosenberg University of Maryland Variants of K-theory and connections with noncommutative geometry and physics
Shmuel Weinberger University of Chicago Cracks in topological rigidity

Each mini-course will consist of 2-4 lectures. Click on the mini-course title to see an abstract (when available).


Invited Speakers

The following people have agreed to speak at this conference (please click on the title to see the abstract):
Speaker Affiliation Title of Talk
Jacek Brodzki University of Southampton A differential complex for groups acting on CAT(0)-cube complexes
Stanley Chang Wellesley College Positive scalar curvature and a new index theory for noncompact manifolds
Guillermo Cortiñas Universidad de Buenos Aires K-theory of group rings and operator ideals

Marius Dadarlat

Purdue University Invariants of continuous fields C*-algebras

Siegfried Echterhoff

University of Münster K-theory for crossed products by group actions on totally disconnected spaces and of semi-group algebras

Heath Emerson

University of Victoria Bounded noncommutative geometry and boundary actions of hyperbolic groups
Guihua Gong Puerto Rico University Classification of simple C*-algebras of generalized tracial rank one

Alexander Gorokhovsky

University of Colorado at Boulder Formality for deformations of gerbes
Pierre Julg Université d'Orléans Fredholm module associated to the boundary of a rank one symmetric space.
Xin Li University of Münster Semigroup C*-algebras
Tsuyoshi Kato Kyoto University Hamiltonian deformation of groups acting on trees
Herve Oyono-Oyono University of Metz Persistent approximation property for C*-algebras with propagation
Markus Pflaum University of Colorado at Boulder On the geometry and stratification theory of orbit and inertia spaces of proper Lie groupies
Paolo Piazza Sapienza Universita di Roma Positive scalar curvature, surgery classification of manifolds and Dirac type operators I and II - Part II
Kamran Reihani Northern Arizona University Dynamical Systems on Spectral Metric Spaces
John Roe Penn State University Analytic structure invariants
Thomas Schick University of Göttingen Positive scalar curvature, surgery classification of manifolds and Dirac type operators I and II - Part I
Jan Spakula University of Münster Uniform Local Amenability
Erik van Erp University of Hawaii T-duality for Langlands dual groups
Mathai Varghese University of Adelaide Geometric quantization via coarse geometry
Hang Wang Tsinghua University Localized indices for elliptic operators on properly cocompact G-manifold
Yi-Jun Yao Fudan University  
Robert Yuncken Université Blaise Pascal A Dirac-type class in the K-homology of a quantum flag variety
Weiping Zhang Nankai University A Lichnerowicz vanishing theorem for foliations

Mini-courses/Invited Talks | Schedule of Talks | Participants | Lecture Notes