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Speaker Affiliation Minicourse Topic
Alain Connes Collège de France, IHES & Vanderbilt University Curvature and spectral invariants
Alexander Gorokhovsky University of Colorado Higher index theorems

Matthias Lesch

Markus Pflaum

Universitaet Bonn

University of Colorado

Connes-Chern character in relative K-homology

Henri Moscovici

Bahram Rangipour

The Ohio State University

University of New Brunswick

Hopf cyclic cohomology and transverse characteristic classes
Michael Puschnigg Universite de la Mediterranee Fredholm modules and discrete groups

Erik van Erp

Paul Baum

Dartmouth College

Penn State University

K-homology and Index Theory : Beyond Ellipticity
Zhizhang Xie Ohio State University APS and Connes-Chern character

Each mini-course will consist of 2-5 lectures. Please click on the mini-course title to see an abstract.

Invited Speakers

The following people have agreed to speak at this conference (please click on the title to see the abstract):

Speaker Affiliation Title of talk
Caterina Consani Johns Hopkins University Absolute geometric structures and their arithmetic
Jacek Brodzki  Southampton University Property A and cohomology
Maria Gomez-Aparicio University of Paris, Orsay Twisting the Baum-Connes morphism by a non-unitary representation
Nigel Higson Penn State University K-Homology and the quantization commutes with reduction problem
Masoud Khalkhali University of Western Ontario Spectral zeta functions and Gauss-Bonnet type theorems in noncommutative geometry
Herve Oyono-Oyono University of Metz Propagation and controlled K-theory
Piotr Nowak Texas A & M University Exact groups and bounded cohomology
Raphael Ponge University of Tokyo New perspectives for the local index formula in noncommutative geometry.
John Phillips University of Victoria From Two Projections to the Local Index Theorem
Xiang Tang Washington University Localized Groupoid Index Theorem
Romain Tessera ENS de Lyon Topological rigidity of manifolds and coarse geometry
Mathai Varghese Adelaide University On the differential geometry of pseudodifferential algebra bundles
Christian Voigt Universität Münster The Dirac-Ramond operator and vertex algebras
Hang Wang Vanderbilt University Index theorem of proper cocompact group action
Rufus Willet Vanderbilt University Rigidity of Roe Algebras
Yi-Jun Yao Fudan University Hopf cyclic cohomology, Hodge theory, Proper actions
Mini-courses/Invited Talks | Schedule of Talks | Participants | Lecture Notes