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honoring Baylis and Olivia Shanks

Shanks Lecturer: Vaughan Jones, UC Berkeley

May 9 to May 20, 2005

The Third Annual Spring Institute on Noncommutative Geometry and Operator Algebras is a combination of spring school and international conference. During the school part of the meeting several mini-courses on a variety of topics from NCGOA will be given by leading experts. The conference will comprise a number of invited research talks and short contributions. We strongly encourage students and postdocs to attend this conference. Please read the section on financial aid below regarding information on how to apply for financial support.

For information on the Clay Mathematics Institute/Shanks international conference and spring school on Noncommutative Geometry and Applications in May 2003 (=the First Annual Spring Institute on NCGOA), please click here. For information on the Second Spring Institute on NCGOA, please click here.

The home page of the research group in noncommutative geometry and operator algebras at Vanderbilt University can be found here.


Talks will start at 9:15 am on Monday, May 9, 2005, and end at noon on Friday, May 20, 2005. Friday, May 13, 2005, will be a day off since commencement/graduation will take place at Vanderbilt on that day. All lectures will be held in Lecture Hall 4309, Stevenson Center (for short SC). The seminar room SC 5208 (right next to SC 4309) and the seminar rooms in the math building (e.g. SC 1312, SC 1320, SC 1403, SC 1404) are available for discussions. Limited computer access is available in the computer lab of the mathematics department (SC 1427). Moreover Vanderbilt campus has a wireless network which is accessible from many campus locations.

Directions to the lecture hall. The Stevenson Center consists of several buildings. The mathematics department is located in building 1 and the lecture hall in building 4, which are right next to each other. For more details, please consult the campus map
(click on ``Building List'', then ``Mathematics Building, Stevenson Center'' to find the math department and on ``Building List'', then ``Lecture Halls/Stevenson Center'' to find the lecture hall. Note that the map is zoomable.).

Schedule. Click here to see the the schedule (pdf file) (or the schedule (ASCII file)).

List of participants and abstracts. Click here to see the a list of participants (pdf file) or list of participants (ASCII file) and here to see the abstracts (pdf file) or abstracts (ASCII file).

Information sheet. Click here to see the information sheet (postscript file).

Invited Speakers

The following people have been invited to give mini-courses: The following people have been invited to give additional talks:

Transparencies and other material related to the talks

  • Teodor Banica (link to home page, downloadable articles)
  • Alain Connes (transparencies of talk, pdf file)
  • Alain Connes (link to home page which contains downloadable articles etc.)
  • Pinhas Grossman (transparencies of talk, ps file)
  • Adrian Ioana (transparencies of talk, ps file)
  • Adrian Ioana (transparencies of talk, dvi file)
  • Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (link to downloadable preprints)
  • Roberto Longo (transparencies of talk, pdf file)
  • Wolfgang Lück (link to home page, downloadable articles)
  • Remus Nicoara (transparencies of talk, dvi file)
  • Narutaka Ozawa (LN of mini-course, pdf file)
  • Jesse Peterson (transparencies of talk, pdf file)
  • Jesse Peterson (home page)
  • Hanne Schultz (Brown measure of sets of commuting operators, pdf file)
  • Hanne Schultz (link to home page, downloadable articles)
  • Dima Shlyakhtenko (transparencies of talk 1, pdf file)
  • Dima Shlyakhtenko (transparencies of talk 2, pdf file)
  • Yoshimichi Ueda (transparencies of talk, pdf file)
  • Alan Valette (transparencies of talk, ps file)
  • Alan Valette (transparencies of talk, dvi file)
  • Dan-Virgil Voiculescu (references for mini-course, ASCII file)


    All participants are asked to register. Please download the registration form here, fill it out and email it to the organizing committee at ncgoa05[at]math[dot]vanderbilt[dot]edu (click on ``registration form here'', then save the registration form to a file (use your browser's ``Save page as'' feature), edit it and email the file as an attachment to the organizing committee). If you prefer an email version of the registration form, please request it by email from the organizing committee. There will be a registration fee of $30. If you intend to request support, please read the section ``Financial Aid'' before filling out the registration form.

    Financial Aid

    We hope that financial support will be available to (partially) fund graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and other participants without grant support. We encourage those of you who are asking for support to share accommodations. If you plan to apply for funding, please fill out the registration form (see section ``Registration'') at your earliest convenience and provide the information requested. Please submit your request for financial support by April 3, 2005. Late applications will be considered as long as financial support is available. Note that we are unable to provide any support in advance.

    Reimbursement policy. Please be advised that according to U.S. immigration laws, individuals who enter the U.S. and wish to be reimbursed for travel related expenses should enter only on a B-1, WB or J-1 visa (WT and B-2 visa do not permit reimbursement of any expenses). Individuals who enter via automobile from Canada or Mexico should enter on a J-visa. Entering on a Visa Waiver is discouraged due to concerns as to how the new law will be interpreted. Please call your local US consulate or embassy and inquire what the rules are pertaining to your country. Canadian visitors are not required to have an I-94 when entering the country.

    NSF funds can be used for reimbursement of air fare only if a U.S. flag carrier (i.e. a U.S. airline) has been used.

    Upon arriving, please see the staff person at the registration desk for the necessary forms to be filled out and returned prior to your departure. We will need all original receipts for any expenses for which reimbursement is claimed and copies of your visa if applicable.


    Rooms have been reserved in the following hotels (in alphabetical order). The quoted rates below do not include a 14.25% state and city tax. When you make the reservation for your room, please mention the ``The Third Spring Institute on Noncommutative Geometry and Operator Algebras''. Many of the rooms are doubles and can be shared. Since we have reserved only a limited number of rooms in each hotel, we recommend that you make your reservations as soon as possible in the hotel of your choice. Other nearby hotels include: Remark 1: Sometimes the best hotel room rates can be obtained by reserving a room via the internet.
    Remark 2: The Extended Stay America has offered good rates in the past for longer stays (weekly rates). You may want to check it out first and compare rates.

    Travel Information

    Follow the links below for directions, maps, information regarding parking, airport, weather etc..

    Organizing Committee

    Dietmar Bisch (Vanderbilt University), Alain Connes (Collège de France, IHES & Vanderbilt University; Director of the Third Annual Spring Institute), Bruce Hughes (Vanderbilt University), Gennadi Kasparov (Vanderbilt University) and Guoliang Yu (Vanderbilt University).


    The Third Spring Institute on NCGOA/20th Shanks lecture is sponsored by the National Science Foundation through a Research Training Group grant, the Shanks Foundation, the Department of Mathematics and Vanderbilt University.

    Poster (new as of January 14, 2005): Click here to download the poster announcing the spring institue/20th Shanks lecture.

    Further Information

    Further information may be obtained from the following sources.
    Email: ncgoa05[at]math[dot]vanderbilt[dot]edu
    Web (NCGOA at Vanderbilt):
    Regular mail:NCGOA 2005
    Department of Mathematics, SC 1326
    Vanderbilt University
    Nashville, TN 37240, USA
    Phone: (615) 322-6672 (Department of Mathematics)
    Fax: (615) 343-0215
    Contact Person: Lori Rafter (same email address as above), (615) 322-4163

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