Shanks Workshop
September 25-26
, 2010
at the Vanderbilt University

    "Kähler and Differential Geometry"

  Invited Speakers:

    Vestislav Apostolov, Université du Québec à Montréal
    Claude LeBrun, Stony Brook University
    Mehdi Lejmi, Vanderbilt University
    Bianca Santoro, City College of New York
    Justin Sawon, University of North Carolina
    Christina Tønnesen-Friedman, Union College
    Jeff Viaclovsky, University of Wisconsin, Madison
     Brian Weber, New York University

    Schedule, Abstracts of the talks

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    The talks will take place in Stevenson Center, room 1432.

    Partial support will be offered to the participants, with priority being given to graduate students.
    Please contact the organizers, if more information is needed.


   Sponsored by the Department of Mathematics and College of Arts and Science

                                     at Vanderbilt University

Ioana Suvaina, Rares Rasdeaconu

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