Program Information


Conference talks will be held in Wilson Hall on Vanderbilt's campus.
Wilson Hall will be open on Sunday, May 25 from 7PM-9PM. Participants can pick up their conference
materials at this time or during the conference.

Conference Program (updated May 29)

Program Outline (updated May 30)

Conference Photos

Please direct any correspondence regarding the conference program to
Brian Simanek at brian-dot-z-dot-simanek-at-vanderbilt-dot-edu

Special Note: Tuesday and Wednesday (May 27 and 28) evening will each feature two expository sessions as part of the associated School.

Confirmed School Speakers:
Henry Cohn, Discrete Minimal Energy Problems
Arno Kuijlaars, Riemann-Hilbert Problems for Orthogonal and Multiple Orthogonal Polynomials (click here for lecture notes)
Barry Simon, Orthogonal Polynomials on Finite Gap Sets
Nick Trefethen, Chebfun and Approximation