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Many thanks to Johann Brauchart for providing us with his pictures from the conference.

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ODE TO THE MATH OF ED (by Doron Lubinsky)

There once was a guy named Ed,
About whom an awful lot can be said.

He began as a Yellow Jacket
With the aim of making a packet
Yet off to Maryland he went
Where by Joseph Walsh was he bent.

Walsh made him a rational fellow
so de Montessus should have made him mellow
But Varga's exponential obsession
For a while was his virtual profession

Still, somehow he felt incomplete
Could GG Lorentz have him beat?
His potential was not fulfilled
Until Mhaskar and he double billed

The Mhaskar-Rakhmanov-Saff number
caught everyone else aslumber
It solved so many problems extremal
That even Freud was left adrenal

Before Ed could totally weary
Of the power of potential theory
His contamination gave the solution
To some strange zero distribution

Saff-Totik will endure down the ages
As scholars peruse its pages
For proofs honed to perfection
And topics, a model of selection

Lately Ed came around to the ball,
To see how the poppyseeds fall,
His work on that foreign sport soccer
Made some think he's gone off his rocker

But you see there is a common theme
That all his research does redeem
It's a great unifying synergy
Of polynomials, rationals, and potential energy

So as Ed reaches three score and ten
We know he's the wisest of men
With books, papers, students, and more,
An all rounded person at core.