A tentative schedule follows.

The booklet of abstracts is available for download.

11 March 2011

8:50-9:00: Opening

9:00-9:50: Jorge Martinez (University of Florida).
Framing Algebra.

10:00-10:50: Rick Ball (University of Denver).
Pointfree Pointwise Convergence.

10:50-11:30: Coffee Break

11:30-12:20: James Madden (Louisiana State University).
H-Closed Monoreflections in W.

12:20-13:50: Lunch Break

13:50-14:40: Nick Galatos (University of Denver).
Holland-Type Embeddings for Residuated Lattices.

14:50-15:40: William Young (Vanderbilt University).
A Comparison of Two Categorical Equivalences.

15:40-16:20: Coffee Break

16:20-17:10: Stefano Aguzzoli (University of Milan).
Unification and Projectivity for Some Subvarieties of MTL-Algebras.

12 March 2011

9:00-9:40: Ales Pultr (Charles University).
Near-Compactness and Samuel Near-Completion.

9:40-10:10: Franco Montagna (University of Siena). Speaker: A. Dvurecenskij.
State Morphism MV-Algebras.

10:10-10:50: Ciro Russo (University of Salerno).
MV-Algebras and Fuzzy Topologies: Stone Duality Extended.

10:50-11:30: Coffee Break

11:30-12:20: James Hart (Middle Tennessee State University).
A Concrete Realization of Hoare and Smyth Powerdomains.

12:20-13:50: Lunch Break

13:50-14:40: Charles Holland (University of Colorado).
Minimal Varieties of Unital l-Groups and ΨMV-Algebras.

14:50-15:40: Simone Bova (Vanderbilt University).
Finite Projective deMorgan Algebras.

15:40-16:20: Coffee Break

16:20-17:10: James Raftery (University of KwaZulu-Natal).
Contextual Deduction Theorems.

13 March 2011

9:00-9:50: Anatolij Dvurecenskij (Slovak Academy of Science).
The Recent Progress on Pseudo Hoops and BL-Algebras.

10:00-10:50: Constantine Tsinakis (Vanderbilt University).
The Finite Embeddability Property for Algebras of Logic.

10:50-11:30: Coffee Break

11:30-12:20: Antonio Di Nola (University of Salerno).
MV-algebras and Sheaves.

12:20-13:50: Lunch Break

13:50-14:40: Vincenzo Marra (University of Milan).
Finitely Co-Presentable Compact Hausdorff Spaces, and Vector Lattices.

14:50-15:40: Warren McGovern (Florida Atlantic University).
Algebraic Frames.

15:40-15:50: Closure

15:50-16:30: Coffee Break