International Workshop

Algebra and Proof Theory,
amplified by Frames and Category Theory

(Honoring Jorge Martinez on the occasion of his retirement)

In recent years the interest in non-classical logics has been growing. Motivations from computer science, natural language reasoning and linguistics have played a significant role in this development. As with the first installment of this workshop series, the workshop will emphasize algebraic and proof theoretic methods in logic, which traditionally represent two distinct approaches in logic: the first concerned with syntactic and algorithmic aspects, the second with meaning and semantic structures.

Yet an algebraist who lives in that murky grey area that edges into topology, might be moved to suggest that there is a third approach. One strain of this workshop will feature the recent frame-theoretic contributions in the service of algebra. In particular, there is recent and current work in which frames, and their consideration in category theory, may shed considerable light on l-groups, MV-algebras, as well as other algebras of Logic.


March 11-13, 2011


Vanderbilt University
Department of Mathematics
1326 Stevenson Center
Room 1308

Nashville, TN 37240

Social Dinner

Saturday, March 12, 6:30PM

Amerigo Italian Restaurant
1920 West End Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203


Constantine Tsinakis, Simone Bova, and William Young (Vanderbilt University)


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