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APRIL 14 AND 15, 2007

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The Workshop on Nil Phenomena in Topology will focus on the following topics in the theory of surgery and manifold theory:

  •  Splitting homotopy equivalences between manifolds
  •  Controlled topology and Bass's Nil groups
  •  Calculation of Waldhausen's Nil groups
  •  Calculation of Cappell's UNil groups
  •  The Isomorphism Conjectures
  •  Decomposition of Waldhausen's A-theory
  •  Supersimple L-theory

Invited Speakers

  • Jim Davis, Indiana University   Some Remarks on Nil groups in Algebraic K-theory
  • Joachim Grunewald, Bonn   “Operations on Nil terms”  Slides
  • Ian Hambleton, McMaster University   “Computations of the Bass Nil groups”
  • Daniel Juan-Pineda, IM-UNAM, Morelia   “Vanishing and non-vanishing results for Nils
  • Jean-Francois Lafont, Ohio State University   Lower algebraic K-theory of lattices in hyperbolic space, I
  • Ivonne Ortiz, Miami University (Ohio)  Lower algebraic K-theory of lattices in hyperbolic space, II
  • Erik Pedersen, Binghamton University and University of Copenhagen   Identifying assembly maps
  • Stratos Prassidis, Canisius College Nils of pseudoisotopies”
  • Andrew Ranicki, University of Edinburgh   Nilpotence = torsionSlides
  • Ross Staffeldt, New Mexico State University   The connecting homomorphism for K-theory of generalized free products  Slides
  • Bruce Williams, University of Notre Dame   From Geometric to Algebraic Nil

Other Participants

  • Doug Anderson, Syracuse University
  • Allegra Berliner, University of Notre Dame
  • Frank Connolly, University of Notre Dame 
  • Stefan Forcey, Tennessee State University
  • Jim Fowler, University of Chicago
  • Christian Haesemeyer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Stacy Hoehn, University of Notre Dame
  • Bruce Hughes, Vanderbilt University
  • Qayum Khan, Vanderbilt University
  • Christine Kinsey, Canisius College
  • Dan Ramras, Stanford University
  • Larry Taylor, University of Notre Dame
  • Marco Varisco, Binghamton University
  • Xiangdong Xie, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University



Bruce Hughes and Qayum Khan of Vanderbilt University
 bruce[dot]hughes[at]vanderbilt[dot]edu   and   qayum[dot]khan[at]vanderbilt[dot]edu

The workshop is being sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Shanks Endowment of the Department of Mathematics at Vanderbilt University.
We strongly encourage graduate students, junior faculty, women, minorities, and persons with disabilities to participate and to apply for support.

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