The SAVE-ME Project

Welcome to the SAVE-ME mechanical ventilation simulator!

The ventilator simulator incorporates 100 dynamically responsive virtual patients with case presentations encompassing asthma, COPD, pneumonia, acute lung injury, and restriction. It is intended for practitioners interested in the emergency and critical care support of those with respiratory failure, whether medical student, intensivist, emergency medicine provider / paramedic, respiratory therapist, advanced practice nurse, or military personnel.

This free educational tool provides a self-paced learning experience that can be either guided- the software provides suggestions after each set of ventilator changes- or you can choose to go it alone for any or all of the patient scenarios. Once you have completed the first 10 scenarios, the simulator will provide an individualized performance assessment, with feedback addressing both overall outcomes and proficiency stratified by patient type.

The behaviors of each virtual patient are determined by the respiratory equations of motion (non-linear model), mode and settings of the ventilator, a multicompartment gas exchange model, and models of oxygen consumption, cardiovascular mechanics, CO2 production, and acid base physiology.

To download the simulator:

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The simulator can be downloaded here.

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We hope you find this freeware to be useful and interesting. Its development was funded by Agency for Health Care Research and Quality R18 HS023453-01 and carried out by John Hotchkiss, Philip Crooke, Jonathan Paladino, and Chris Brackney. All rights are reserved; this tool is not intended for commercial use.

Contact Information: CANVENT Group

Updated November 27, 2018.