Math 196: Differential Equations with Linear Algebra


Math 196 - Spring 2015 - Vanderbilt University

Lecture: MWF 2:10pm-3:00pm
Recitation: R 12:10pm-1:00pm José Gil-Férez
Office Hours: MF 3pm-4pm, W 11am-12pm

Contact Information

Instructor: Marcel Bischoff
Office: SC 1418
Email: marcel.bischoff @ ...

Homework Assignments

Lesson Day Section Homework Due to Notes
1.Mon, Jan 5.Section 1.1.1-27(odd),33-43(odd)Mon, Jan 12.
2.Wed, Jan 7.Section 1.2.1-17(odd),25,27,29,35Mon, Jan 12.
3.Thu, Jan 8.Recitations
4.Fri, Jan 9.Section 1.4.1-27(odd),31,33,35,36,40Tue, Jan 20.
5.Mon, Jan 12.Section 1.51-33(odd), 36Tue, Jan 20.HW1: Lesson 1,2
6.Wed, Jan 14.Section 3.11-15(odd), 23, 31Tue, Jan 20.
7.Thu, Jan 15.Recitations
8.Fri, Jan 16.Section 3.21-23(odd)Mon, Jan 26.
-Mon, Jan 19.MLK day - NO CLASS
-Tue, Jan 20.HW2: Lesson 4,5,6
9.Wed, Jan 21.Section 3.31-19(odd)Mon, Jan 26.
10.Thu, Jan 22.Recitations
11.Fri, Jan 23.Section 3.41-21(odd),31,43Mon, Feb 2.
12Mon, Jan 26.Section 3.51-23(odd), 32, 37Mon, Feb 2.HW3: Lesson 8,9
13.Wed, Jan 28.Section 3.61-17(odd), 21-25(odd)Mon, Feb 2.
14.Thu, Jan 29.Recitations
15.Fri, Jan 30.Section 3.71-9(odd), 13, 15Mon, Feb 9.
16.Mon, Feb 2.Section 4.11-7(odd), 17, 23Mon, Feb 9.HW4: Lesson 11-13
17.Wed, Feb 4.Section 4.21-25(odd)Mon, Feb 9.
18.Thu, Feb 5.Recitations
19.Fri, Feb 6.Section 4.31-21(odd), 29-32Mon, Feb 16.
20.Mon, Feb 9.Section 4.41-11(odd), 15-23(odd)Mon, Feb 16.HW5: Lesson 15-17
21.Wed, Feb 11.Section 4.51-15(odd)Mon, Feb 16.
22.Thu, Feb 12.Recitations
23.Fri, Feb 13.Section 4.61, 3, 13-25(odd), 26Mon, Feb 23.
24.Mon, Feb 16.Snow Day
25.Wed, Feb 18.ReviewNo HomeworkHW6: Lesson 19-21
26.Thu, Feb 19.Recitations
27.Fri, Feb 20.Exam 1No Homework
28.Mon, Feb 23.Section 1.631-41(odd), 55, 56Mon, Mar 9.HW7: Lesson 23
29.Wed, Feb 25.Section 5.11-15(odd), 21-29(odd)Mon, Mar 9.
30.Thu, Feb 26.Recitations
31.Fri, Feb 27.Section 5.21-11(odd), 15, 27Mon, Mar 16.
32.Mon, Mar 9.Section 5.31-13(odd), 21-27(odd)Mon, Mar 16.HW8: Lesson 28,29
33.Wed, Mar 11.Section 5.41-7(odd), 11, 12Mon, Mar 16.
34.Thu, Mar 12.Recitations
35.Fri, Mar 13.Section 5.51-11(odd),47-51(odd)Mon, Mar 23.
36.Mon, Mar 16.Section 6.11-23(odd), 34, 37Mon, Mar 23.HW9: Lesson 31,32,33
37.Wed, Mar 18.Section 6.21-27(odd), 31, 36Mon, Mar 23.
38.Thu, Mar 19.Recitations
39.Fri, Mar 20.Section 6.31, 3, 38Mon, Mar 30.
40.Mon, Mar 23.Section 7.11-15(odd), 21, 24-26Mon, Mar 30.HW10: Lesson 35,36,37
41.Wed, Mar 25.Section 7.21-9(odd), 13-17(odd)Mon, Mar 30.
42.Thu, Mar 26.Recitations
43.Fri, Mar 27.Section 7.31-25(odd), 38Mon, Apr 6.
44.Mon, Mar 30.Section 7.51-19(odd)Mon, Apr 6.HW11: Lesson 39,40,41
45.Wed, Apr 1.Review
46.Thu, Apr 2.Recitations
47.Fri, Apr 3.Exam 2
48.Mon, Apr 6.Section 10.11-33(odd)Mon, Apr 13.HW12: Lesson 43,44
49.Wed, Apr 8.Section 10.21-19(odd), 28, 32, 37Mon, Apr 13.
50.Thu, Apr 9.Recitations
51.Fri, Apr 10.Section 10.31-19(odd)Mon, Apr 13. ?!?


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