``Subfactors, Planar Algebras and Random Matrices''

July 24-30, 2011

Workshop Description
The microworkshop on ``Subfactors, Planar Algebras and Random Matrices'' will be held July 24-30, 2011 in Maui, HI. The workshop will feature several lecture series on the above topics and other related topics from operator algebras and mathematical physics.

Talks will be held in the mornings from 9am to about 1pm.

Dietmar Bisch, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA
Arnaud Brothier, ENS Cachan, Paris, France
Ruy Exel, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brasil
Vaughan Jones, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, USA
Thomas Schuecker, Universite de Provence, Marseille, France

The microworkshop will feature the following mini-courses:

Dietmar Bisch, Infinite Depth Subfactors
Arnaud Brothier, Maximal abelian subalgebras of von Neumann algebras
Ruy Exel, Tight representations of inverse semigroups
Vaughan Jones, Graded Algebras in von Neumann Algebras
Thomas Schuecker, Cosmology and Gravitational Lensing

The lectures are available online at this link.

Contact Dietmar Bisch at dietmar.bisch@vanderbilt.edu or Vaughan Jones at vfr@math.berkeley.edu for more information.

Last modified: 8/2/2011